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5 of the Best Social Media Posts for New Restaurants

Are you are in the planning stages of opening your new restaurant? There are so many things to think about when opening a restaurant.

One topic that might be in the back of your mind is social media and growing your social media following.

You hear about social media everywhere and you know that you should have a social media following probably before you even open your doors.

You go through the steps, set up a Facebook page. Maybe a Twitter account. Now what?

What exactly should you be posting on these social sites to build your social media follower base?

There are many types of different social media posts you can create and post. Every business is different and won’t necessarily want to run the same kinds of social media content.

There are, however, some popular types of posts that can help you gain your social media following even as a new business.

If you just opened your restaurant or need some fresh ideas for social media content, you can still do these types of posts to build your social following.

1. Run a contest or giveaway

Everyone loves free. Free giveaways, free eBooks, free printables. If the word ‘free’ is in the title, people are going to want it.

91% of Instagram posts that have more than 1000 likes or comments are typical because of a contest. Businesses that do contests are growing 70% faster if you do them regularly.

As a new restaurant owner, you need to gain a social media following and audience.

When you do a giveaway, your new business name gets spread to more people, and those people will like and follow your social media pages. It’s a chain reaction.

Depending on the terms you create for your contest, you could also gain many subscribers to your email list. We all know that the money is in the email lists. With your giveaways, you can set precise rules so that you will gain email subscribers.

So what exactly will you need to run a giveaway?

A grand prize that people WANT

This sounds obvious, I know. However, you will need something to give away to your winner/winners. You’ll also want to make sure people WANT the prize you are giving away.

Knowing the type of audience you want to reach will help you to choose the most appealing prize.

For example – if your restaurant focuses on vegan dishes, don’t give away a gift card to a company that sells meat.

Specific instructions for entering the content

Your terms for entering the contest/give away don’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as just liking your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can create steps that people must take such as liking your Facebook page, sharing the post and then tagging three friends.

By creating steps like this to enter to win you’ll reach more people because people will tag their friends, and hopefully the ones tagged will follow these steps also.

Only have one contact person

Contests and giveaways can get messy quickly. The larger the contest, the more people you’ll have to deal with their questions and concerns.

Having one contact whether it’s their email address or phone number will help keep everything clean and coming to just one person for concerns and questions.

One person doesn’t have to answer all the questions by themselves, but at least publicly you’ll have one point of contact.

2. Team up with a popular brand

Another type of social media post you can create are those featuring brands that you’ll be working with.

If you are a new company whether you are just online or a physical entity, there are most likely big brands either doing what you do or something similar.

Pairing up with these larger or popular brands can help you gain credibility with the audience and future customers that you are hoping to gain.

Restaurants have many vendors that will supply their food and restaurant equipment. If there is a big local brand that many people like or know, you can team up with this brand to gain exposure to your new audience.

You can do a blog post where you’ll talk about which products from this brand you’ll be using.

A simple social media post announcing that you’ll be working with the big brand will make your new business seem credible to followers that already love the brand you’re teaming up with.

Teaming up with brands can also be incorporated with your giveaway posts. A great giveaway idea is a product or service from a brand you will be working with or admire.

3. Create How-to Posts

The third type of posts that new businesses should consider are how-to posts. SO MANY people love how-to posts.

Pinterest is full of these types of how-to posts leading to blog posts explaining how to create fabulous dishes or craft projects.

A great example of how-to posts for restaurants is recipes. Many food bloggers are posting short videos that show the process of how to make their recipe. Social media users love these, and they get widely shared.

If you don’t have a how-to video post for social media, a simple text post with pictures can also be useful and can lead social media users to your website.

4. Go live

Did you know that videos get more shares than photos or text posts?

Going “live” on social media has become extremely popular. A lot of popular social media sites have the option to stream live for your followers.

The idea is to share apart of your business with your social media following. Showing your followers the “real you” will help followers trust you and then in return gain sales.

Going live can be great during contests and giveaways. A way to use this function on social media is to go live to announce your contest or giveaway and then again once a winner is chosen.

Announcing before you go live can help build up anticipation and followers are then also aware when you will be live, and they can plan to watch social media during this time.

Another great way to use the live function on social media is to do a Q & A session. If you are a new business, this is a great way to connect with your future customers and social media followers.

5. Behind the Scenes

The last type of social media post is a behind the scenes post. These types of posts are ideal for new businesses leading up to the launch of your company and to keep customers informed once you do open.

Some great behind the scenes posts leading up to your opening include:

– building and construction updates such as painting walls, putting in flooring, and other construction progress.

– what types of projects your employees are working on

– inside behind the scenes scoops with vendors or suppliers, you will be working with

Now don’t think you can only do these types of posts before your entity opens. Behind the scenes are always a favorite for keeping your followers and customers up-to-date on what is new in your business and any exciting announcements.

In the end, social media is essential in any business. New businesses need to grow their social media following as soon as they can. It’s not enough in today’s digital world to just rely on word of mouth to get the news out about your new business.

Choose a couple of social media sites to focus on in the beginning and build from there. Show your followers you are real and excited about your new adventure!

Create videos by going live and show off the brands you are teaming up with. Don’t forget to show off your progress with behind the scenes posts!

Need help deciding which types of social media sites to use for your business? Check out this social media sites for businesses post!

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