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What Kind of Social Media Sites Should Your Business Be Using?

Social media is essential for online businesses. If you’re not on social media, your company is losing out. To succeed in today’s online world, you have to have a social media presence.

Many people across different generations are on one social media platform or another. and spending sometimes hours a day on social media. What better way to reach your audience, than where they are spending their extra time?

If you are entirely new to using social media for businesses it can be hard to choose which one would work best with your company.

Among the most popular social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

All of these sites have different ways they are used and how they reach their audiences.

Choosing the right social media site can make or break your business, especially in the beginning.

How do I know which social media site will help my business?

Choosing the right social media platforms for your company can be overwhelming. They are all used differently, and none of them have the same algorithms.

One question you want to ask yourself before signing up for that social media business account is:

“What type of content will I be posting to social media?”

If you answered this question with photos, then you’ll likely want to use Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. All these social media sites use pictures as part of their primary way to gain social media following.

Users know that these social media platforms use photos and if you are business on one of these sites, they expect you to post many pictures.

If you answered this question with videos, then you will likely want to use YouTube, Snapchat, and possibly even Facebook.

Maybe your business is on more of a corporate level, but you need to have a social media presence. LinkedIn is perfect for corporations, although Facebook and Twitter could be useful.

Should my business be using Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media site with more than 2 billion users each month. Sixty-five million businesses are using Facebook pages.

Facebook is a universal social media tool. There are so ways to promote your business rolled into one with this platform that it wouldn’t hurt any business to be on Facebook.

With Facebook, you can gain a following using their ‘likes’ function. The more likes you have on your Facebook page, the greater views you will have on your website page.

By posting and sharing on Facebook, you’ll gain a greater audience on social media. If you create a post and one of your followers’ shares that on their page, it creates a snowball effect and will be widely shared and viewed.

Within Facebook, you can create groups, which would allow you to have some VIP groups to interact with a targeted audience from your followers.

Facebook also has its own analytics which would also help you to target and see which social media strategies are working and which are not.

If you are looking for an all in one type of social media tool, Facebook is an excellent place to start.

Should my business be using YouTube?

YouTube has over one billion users.

Users, making this social media site a must-have if you are going to be creating videos. YouTube is a video sharing platform that has many different types of videos, from promotion to how-to videos.

If your company is based on products or services that are very visual, you may want to create a YouTube channel.

With YouTube, you can gain a subscriber list, and then target your followers based on how many subscribe to your channel.

Every time you have a new video, your subscribers receive emails and they can then view and share your video.

Many websites or companies are using YouTube as a place for how-to videos on using their products, services, among other things.

If your company is going to be making many videos for advertising or social media posts followers, you’ll likely want to create a YouTube channel.

YouTube can easily integrate with many websites back ends so that videos can be on your site for easy viewing.

Should my business be using Instagram?

Instagram is a very visual social media tool. Have you heard of pictures being “insta-worthy”? Instagram is where that phrase originated.

Photos on Instagram are all cropped in a square format. There are also filters you can add to your company’s pictures to get the “Instagram look.”

Many companies are using Instagram to show off their latest and greatest products through photos.

Website linking is easy on Instagram like on other social media sites, but it can only be in your bio on your main Instagram page.

One feature that is widely popular on Instagram is their stories and live feature. Companies can create Instagram stories that show snapshots of special events, promotions, and exciting information.

If you think you’ll post a lot of creative and unique pictures of your products or services, then definitely give Instagram a try!

Instagram also provides analytics, so you’ll be able to see which posts are performing and which are not.

Should my business be using Twitter?

Twitter is a very fast paced social media site. It is for real-time information. To be successful on Twitter, you’ll have to be able to keep posts short and to the point.

Twitter only has a 280 character limit, so getting the point across in a short amount of words is crucial.

Many Twitter users are using this platform for job postings. Since job postings are typically not posted for very long, this could be a useful tool for your company to use for hiring.

The #hashtag was also made famous on Twitter. Now many social media sites have the hashtag function, which helps with easy searches and trending topics.

If you want your posts to show up, don’t forget the hashtags!

Should my business be using LinkedIn?

If you are a professional business, you should be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals that allows them to connect and interact with others in their field.

LinkedIn has a job postings function that also helps if you are posting jobs or just looking for a new job.

LinkedIn is sort of like a professional Facebook.

It has the newsfeed similar to Facebook where you can share posts, like, or comment on people you follow or influencers you admire.

LinkedIn also has a groups function, where you can interact with a specific set of people regularly.

Whether you are a large corporation, a new business just starting, or in HR you’ll want to be apart of LinkedIn to connect with others in your industry.

Should my business be using Snapchat?

Is your target audience in their teens? Maybe you have a clothing brand that targets teens.

Snapchat is a great way to reach this type of audience.

Snapchat is for quick and temporary photos and videos. Photos and videos between two users are typically not saved because of the quick viewing time.

Snapchat is just another tool that can be useful if you’ll be posting a lot of photos or short videos.

Should my business be using Pinterest?

Oh, Pinterest. If you have ever been on Pinterest, you know that many hours can be spent on this social media site. Users browse through their feed to see the latest trends in whatever areas they interest them.

The “feed” however on Pinterest isn’t like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Pinterest is more of an interactive site that is based on the users’ searches. Many bloggers use Pinterest as a way to drive traffic to their sites.

If you have a blog, then this is an excellent tool for you to use.

Just be aware that your Pinterest marketing strategies have to be able to change quickly.

Pinterest is continually changing the way they do things, making it hard sometimes to succeed on Pinterest.

It is, however, a great visual tool and can help with click-throughs on your site.

In the end, you’ll need to be on at least one or two social media sites. If you are overwhelmed, start on just one social media site until you get the hang of it.

Social media posting can take up a lot of time for new business owners. There are some tools that business can use such as social media schedulers or even a social media manager.

Investing in social media, whether it is time or outsourcing will help your business, new or old succeed in this crazy online world!

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